Firefly Institute of Research and Education
Firefly Institute of Research and Education

APT Approved Provider #17-510

Research and Professional Education Programs

 We are committed to advancing the field of mental    health through research of innovative care practices.  

Professional Education

 We offer professional education  and certification courses  throughout the year for mental  health professionals. 

Graduate Internship Program

Our graduate internship program works in partner with Firefly Counseling Services, P.C. and is designed for students to engage in rigorous study applying theory to practice. Our graduate internship program offers placement for students seeking advanced practice in expressive therapies including play therapy and therapeutic art, interpersonal neurobiology, animal assisted human health or couples counseling utilizing the Gottman Method.


We are conducting research focusing on immerging theories and programs to ensure the quality of interventions and practice.

Firefly Knowledge

Firefly Institute of Research and Education is focused on contributing to the field of mental health care through advancing holistic theories of practice to solve the complex challenges and issues facing children and adults due to adverse life experiences. The institute works in partnership with Firefly Counseling Services, P.C. as a training site for professionals seeking to advance their training and education and for students entering into practice. We have helped many therapists achieve professional growth.


The institute is committed to advancing the practice of mental health care and does so through conducting ongoing research on methodology and practice. We seek to support new and innovative care practices with evidenced based knowledge.

Firefly Institute of Research and Education offers ongoing support to professionals through continuing education and training along with supervision towards their professional goals. Supervisors at the institute have advanced certifications and training in their respective discipline.

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